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                                        Improving the nation's health and well-being.


Pool Schedule August 24 - September 13

Pool Schedule - September 15 - November 1

Fitness, Aquatics & Wellness Classes - Click Here




Remember… we need 6 people registered to run any class!!




Aquatics Programs




YMCA Learn to Swim Program

For more than 110 years the YMCA has been a leader in aquatics and water safety. The first YMCA swimming pool was built in 1885, and the first YMCA lifesaving corps began in 1904, so aquatics has been a part of the Y from early in its history.


Many parents select the YMCA as their young child's first introduction to water because the YMCA has the reputation of offering programs that:

  • are safe

  • are educational for both child and parent

  • teach values


YMCA Swim lessons are conducted with these three features in mind. This is an instructional swim program for beginners through advanced pace swimmers. Each class includes these five components:


  • Personal Growth

  • Personal Safety

  • Stroke Development

  • Water Sports & Games

  • Rescue


All four competitive strokes will be taught as well as basic water safety skills in these 40-minute lessons. Upon successful completion of each ability level, swimmers will receive a National YMCA card and will progress to the next level of swimming.


  • Parent/Child (6 months to 36 months)

    Shrimp-Kipper-Inia & Perch

    Water Adjustment and fun for children and their parents. Parents are taught new exercises and songs to help their child enjoy the water.


  • Preschool (3-5 years, kindergarten)

    Pike-Eel-Ray & Starfish

    Water adjustments and beginning swimming skills for your child. Each child progresses individually through each level.


  • Youth (School-age children grades 1-12)

    The YMCA program has six ability levels starting with Polliwog and progressing to Guppy, Minnow, Fish, Flying Fish, and Shark.


  • Adult
    Many Adults have already discovered that the swimming pool is the long sought fountain of youth - swimming leads to longer, heathler, more productive life and develops fitness without avusing hips, legs or joints.  Come join the fun while learning basic water skills and progessing at your own pace into more advanced swimming skills.  Call for details. 

  • One-On-One

    For any person, young or old, who for any reason does not want to be in a group or class setting. Meet with an instructor at your convenience and improve your swimming skills, set your goals and we will help you meet them, By appointment only.


Active Older Adults (AOA) Swim

Let our pool be a fountain of youth, reserved especially for you. Water temperature averages between 84-86 degrees!!


Aqua Zumba®

Aqua Zumba® blends the Zumba® philosophy with water resistance, for one pool party you shouldn't miss.
Perfect for those looking to make a splash by adding a low-impact, high-energy aquatic exercise to their fitness routine.
The benefits are that there is less impact on your joints during class so you can really let loose and the water creates natural resistance,
which means every step is more challenging and helps tone muscles.

Backyard Swim Program

No need to be a taxi service in the summer. YMCA quality lessons can take place right in your own backyard pool. You provide the swimmers, we'll provide the instruction. Together we'll have a fun summer of quality swimming instruction at you pool.


Backyard Pool Water Fitness

We are bringing the workouts to you, your friends, your pool, your time to get into shape. Get a total body workout, cardio, strength and flexibility. Contact Darcee Hughes for details.


Competitive Swim Team

(ages 6-18 years)
The Lockport Family YMCA competitive swim team is a great opportunity for your child to improve their strokes and be part of a team. 
Compete in the Rochester Area YMCA Swim League against teams from Batavia, Bayview, Buffalo, Canandaigua, Geneva, Maplewood, Northwest and Southeast.

Practice: Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Swim Meets held Saturday per league schedule.
Must be a YMCA member.

YMCA Lifeguard Training 

(16 years and up)

Designed to provide knowledge and skills necessary to be a lifeguard and professional rescuer. 
Participants will be certified in American Safety and Healthy Institute's (ASHII) courses. 
CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer, Basic First Aid for the Community and Emergency Oxygen Administration.
Course presents skills and knowledge lifeguards need in pool, lake, river, surf and waterpark environments.
100% participation in course and must score 80% of higher on all written tests, succesfully perform all practical skills,
demonstrate ability, strength and maturity to respond to emergencies.   Call for details.

Red Cross Lifeguard Training

This course is held to train potential lifeguards who will be able to secure jobs and provide Niagara County with proper supervision at its aquatic facilities.
Prerequisites include: ability to swim 500 yards, tread water for 2 minutes, legs only, retrieve 10# brick from bottom of pool, and must be 15 years of age.

Sessions run April, June & December  - call for details. 


Stroke Drill (6 years, plus)

Get an early start on swim team or just a great workout.  Work with coaches on starts, turns, bi-lateral breathing, finishes, strokes, and streamlining through the water. 

Swim or Gym Parties

Make your next gathering a gym or swim party at the Lockport Family YMCA.

We provide the refreshment room for one hour, one hour in our pool or gym, and lifeguard.

You provide refreshments, chaperones, and up to 20 swimmers.

Parties Friday or Saturday by reservation only please contact Darcee.


Splash Week 2015

Teaching kids and families to be safer in and around water.
This is a safety orientation program, held in April and June at the Y, that focuses on basic swimming skills
while teaching about sun safety, backyard pool safety, beach safety, water park safety, boating safety and YMCA pool safety.


YMCA National Arthritis Aquatic Program, "Rusty Hinges"

Join us in our heated pool and take the stress off tired joints and muscles.  Gentle range of motion exercises.
It cannot rid you of your condition, but can make it more bearable.


Water Exercise (16 years & over)

Swimmers and non-swimmers alike can benefit from water's resistance during our aerobic, toning and stretching.
Join us for a great non-impact workout in the pool.  Instructors will work you through a safe, intense and fun hour.
For a more intense workout try White Water!



All classes are open to both YMCA members and non-members alike.






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